Azizul Ismie Mohd Puad

I have always been fascinated by languages since the day I learned that my name can actually be understood in English as well as Arabic (even though grammatically wrong). My first degree is actually in medicine but after surviving issues with the medical council, I directed my path to Sonography.
But the love for language never dies. I usually do my translating in my free time and have chalked up many projects under my belt. I am part of the translation team involved in translating a novel that was nominated for International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2014.
Happy reading. I hope that my contribution in translating English articles into Bahasa Malaysia will help The Malaysian Medical Gazette in its quest to increase health awareness. So, now how many of you noticed candle and chandeliers sounds like the urdu word ‘kandeel’ which actually means lantern?

??????????Nur Nadhirah

I am 23 years old, previously studied chemical engineering as an undergraduate at the University of Bath.

When I am not poring over revision, I translate articles for MMGazette and occasionally contribute to the student-run online publication, Remag. Dream of running my own chocolate factory in the near future.

Procrastinates on Twitter via @MambangStory.


Suzanna Zainal Abidin

suzI am a Civil Engineering graduate from UW-Madison currently doing ICT Strategy and Architecture for the national oil and gas company. After many years on the job, I have rediscovered my love for the written word and languages hence my foray into translation hoping that one day, it will lead to writing as a profession. I’m very honored to be invited to translate for The Malaysian Medical Gazette and hope that my contribution will have an impact to society.



AiniDr Aini Hanan Azmi

Language has been my door to the world. I learnt German in school, and my best German experience was when a Turkish family residing in Germany adopted me. Back when I was a medical student, I had a short stint as a volunteer English teacher for Russian-speaking refugee children, and my students had in return taught me more Russian than I ever learnt after having lived in Russia for six years. 2016 marks my fourth year as an Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainee, but I always prefer to be identified as a literary nerd who dreams to be a polyglot and a wanderer waiting to hop on to my next adventure.


unnamedDr Maimun Abdullah Hadi

I am a 24 year-old, Lundu-born, fresh medical graduate, who is in love with food, books and travelling.  I started doing translation work as a hobby and I am very happy that it is now a skill that I can use to give back. I am also saving up for an electric guitar and am very, very happy to accept donation for the cause.